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Restoring earth one email at a time


Patagonia has always set its sights on something bigger than helping people thrive outdoors. With a mission like “We're In Business To Save Our Home Planet," building a new kind of food company is obvious. The food we eat and how it's made really matters. That's why we love helping Patagonia Provisions grow ecommerce email revenue. Each email means more bites, sips and swallows that nourish people and our planet.

  • Strategy

  • Design

  • User experience

  • Email automation

  • Deliverability

  • Development

  • A/B testing

  • Analytics

Creating impact through strategic email design and user experience

Our work to help create a high converting ecommerce email program is built on a flexible and visually impactful design system. Fully modular templating lets us rapidly create distinctive emails that inspire hearts, appetites and orders, week in and week out. That’s key to ongoing growth and supporting the brand’s bigger mission.

Data rich. Heavily automated. Built for growth.

Essential to the success of this program is the ability to truly sense and respond to each customer. SimonData, a wicked powerful customer data platform (CDP), provides the brains to centralize ecommerce, web browsing, and email engagement data, enabling us to quickly segment, automate and personalize – from retargeting, abandoned browse and cart, and welcome emails to reactivation, loyalty offers and more, all delivered through Salesforce Marketing Cloud. 


YoY increase in email ecommerce revenue


YoY increase in conversion rate for ecommerce sales from email

Higher conversions, better food systems

To ensure campaigns and the creative strategies have maximum impact, ongoing testing, list hygiene, and deliverability optimization provide critical support. That has helped open and conversion rates sit well above industry averages, driving growth in revenue and the positive impacts Patagonia Provisions is making on our food systems.