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Entertaining for life’s events


There’s a big difference between content that shows off a product, and content that helps people live more fulfilling lives. Understanding this is the trick to producing content that can change people’s behavior.

We created a series of compelling and beautiful entertaining guides for Lindsay — America’s largest table olive producer — to help people play host and rock key events: winter cocktail parties, summer backyard gatherings, July 4th barbecues and more.

  • Content strategy

  • Design

  • Storytelling

  • Development

  • Copywriting

  • Influencer partnerships

  • Photography & video

  • Recipe development

Building an extendable experience

When you create a beautiful, robust piece of content, your budget will thank you if it isn’t just a one and done.” We designed a flexible content template from the outset, allowing us to extend the entertaining guide theme to cover 7 wholly distinct parties in a fraction of the time (and cost) of one-off articles.



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“Having a ready-to-go template for our entertaining guides allowed us to spend more time on great content creation instead of development.”

Sara Behrendt, Creative Director, Active Ingredients

Telling stories that run deeper

The guides served a more holistic purpose than just providing new ideas for eating olives, because surely, people already have a pretty good idea of what olives are good for. What we all really want is to be better entertainers, cooks, decorators and bartenders. So we covered the whole party, from pre-planning to cleanup, and revealed tips for maximizing the potential of common gatherings. From wine pairings to entrée recipes, DIY craft decorations to pro party-planning tips — with the scrumptious Lindsay olive woven seamlessly into the story. 

Sparking interest & engagement

To draw big audiences to this exciting new content, and deeper into the Lindsay funnel, we created simple giveaways with relevant prizes based on the party themes, which drove exceptional participation during the contest period. More importantly, the evergreen nature of the guides helped maintain very strong engagement with this content for years afterward.