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A plant in craft-dairy clothing


Assemble a cheese board with Miyoko’s and the world’s finest cheeses and they’ll disappear at the same rate. That's because Miyoko’s is crafted with the same artisan attention and old-world cheese and butter making techniques as the old-world cheese & butter makers used. Only, they do it with cashews, oats, and other planet-friendly plants.

Our task, through a series of photos and short videos for use on social media, was to show how massively-much-more Miyoko’s is than just a great approximation of cow’s cheese.

  • Art direction

  • Photography

  • Visual storytelling

  • Video


A full story, in just a few seconds

We created a series of short videos to show off how well Miyoko’s top sellers perform in the most important cheese-performance categories: spreadability, meltability, bubbling and browning. The pieces met with a rave response and great engagement on social media. Isn’t it amazing how good visual storytelling can make people say Want!” in just a few seconds?


“Wow, I can’t thank you enough. Great work! 😍”

Chelsey McCaw, Senior Social/​Digital Manager, Miyoko’s Creamery


Capturing a brand promise in an image

A good product photo shows a product’s usage potential. A great product photo reveals how a brand can make your life better — the Why behind the What. When you capture a beautiful vegan cake correctly, it creates a response that says Yes, this is perfect for who I want to be.” In this case, our vegan cake shots showed that you, too, can make an incredible, mouthwatering dessert while supporting your ideals for a healthier body and planet.