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The promise of a bite-size moment


In the crowded world of cans and jars on a grocery store shelf, one brand shines bright red. Over many years we helped Lindsay — the largest table olive producer in the U.S., and maker of dreamily-smooth almond butter – drastically elevate their brand through captivating web, social and email experiences that transform the way consumers think about their olives.

  • Brand & digital strategy

  • Copywriting

  • Design

  • Photography & video

  • Development

  • Recipe development

  • CMS

  • SEO

A website where food dreams are made

A good food website should get visitors dreaming about food. We helped Lindsay deliver on that dream through rich recipe & lifestyle content to get people inspired, a robust path to purchase for both in-store and online, and a delightful workflow to grow their email list that’s built to support high-impact consumer campaigns.


Club Lindsay members recruited (and counting)

“This year we asked them to do more, and they were not only up to the challenge, they took us to levels we did not think possible in such a short time frame.”

James Thomas, VP Marketing, Lindsay

From commodity company to lifestyle brand

To elevate the Lindsay olive and almond, we created a wonderland of recipes, idea-rich guides for entertaining, tips for healthy living, and pure food-fun to make meaningful connections and inspire a passion to help Lindsay win at shelf.



Growth in unbranded organic search visits in one year