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Evolution of the energy bar


JAMBAR came to the energy bar market with two aces up its sleeve: the very best ingredients that exist in a bar (bar none), and serious street cred as a new premium offering from the founder of Powerbar. But neither of these helped skirt the challenge of a market already saturated with great products.

We partnered with JAMBAR to launch its first major social media campaign, consumer insight test, foundational product photo library, supporting email program, and DTC landing page.

  • Brand & Digital strategy

  • Design

  • Social Media

  • Copywriting

Brand story angles & social testing

Because a new brand is, well, brand new, we can’t know which angles of its story will resonate the most IRL. We developed 60 headlines and 50 pieces of social ad copy covering 5 unique brand story angles, isolating the performance of each so it was clear which messages drove the highest performance. It was a win-win: increased revenue and valuable consumer insights in one.

Next, onto the visuals

Following our headline and copy test, we launched a visual creative test with 18 unique image/​video approaches covering the gamut — highly stylized photoshoots, scrappy photoshoots, scrappy videos, video testimonials — that we then paired with the winners from the copy test to land on the winning overall ad creative. Reviewing before-and-after performance, the improvement was unconditionally phenomenal.


campaign CPC improvement rate


campaign CTR improvement rate


ATC (add to cart) cost improvement rate


CPC (link click) on top performing ad

Product lifestyle photoshoot

JAMBAR hadn’t invested in many visual assets when we first teamed up, so we established a library of mouthwatering photos for campaigns and social media with food photographer, Caitlin Beyer. The images showcased the product with their delicious natural ingredients, and brought out the nuances of what made this bar different from the many others on shelf.


Landing page & email support

We built a DTC landing page and foundational email program (including welcome email and automated trigger emails) with the goal of driving visitors to try the new product and building the brand’s email list with engaged consumers.