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New brand voice in a sea of sameness


Genova is the leading brand of premium canned tuna, and sister brand to the famous Chicken of the Sea. Despite a top-notch product, their brand positioning and voice needed more differentiation from the fierce competition in the “premium canned” space, and as such, it wasn’t performing as a true strategic asset.

  • Brand strategy & positioning

  • Storytelling

  • Messaging

  • Voice and tone

  • Copywriting

A frame for stronger storytelling

Following a brand audit and interviews with the leadership team, we developed a compelling new brand positioning and voice that reframed the narrative from the more expected notion of Elevating the everyday,” to the more emotionally resonant Indulge your inner explorer.” The result is a seemingly effortless, more extendable, and notably differentiated springboard for storytelling.

“Working with AI on our brand voice was a transformative experience for us. Their exceptional strategic thinking and outstanding messaging work helped us to reframe our story in a whole new but totally authentic way. They truly understand the power of brand, and consistently deliver results that leave us amazed.”

Lara Berman, Senior Brand Manager, Genova Seafood