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Building brands with the power of community


Social technology leader Lithium set the bar in transforming sales, marketing, and support for global brands through customer-powered communities. We partnered with Lithium over many years to cut through a noisy marketplace with a web presence that elevates its distinct brand of “Total Community” software.

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  • Design

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  • CMS

  • Personalization

  • Conversion optimization

A web presence designed to persuade (and convert)

Social technology changes at a blindingly fast pace, and Lithium’s website sits on the front lines of a complex buyer’s journey. Through several redesigns and numerous tweaks inspired by deep analysis and testing, Lithium’s website is a well honed marketing and selling machine. A truly personalized user experience backed by distinct visual design and smart content helped Lithium win the trust of buyers everyday.


improvement to bounce rate on redesigned homepage

AI’s been a true digital partner, launching several successful versions of our website and many campaigns — they’re always there for us.”

Dan Ziman, VP Corporate Marketing, Lithium

In a word… vibrant.

Vibrant” is the very essence of a Lithium community, and defines the tone of the digital brand we developed. With rich, visual storytelling we made the complex simple, inspiring prospects to see how the power of Lithium’s platform can transform their relationships with customers.

Want a better website? Assume nothing, Test everything.

To create a more effective lead generation process, we continuously focused on optimizing Lithium’s website. Using extensive data analysis and ongoing A/B + multivariate testing of messaging, calls to action, layouts and much more, we helped Lithium develop a far more productive web presence. For example, after overhauling the offer landing page experience, we increased conversion rates by 198%.


increase in landing page conversion rate

The right experience delivered to the right audience

Using a real-time visitor data feed and personalization platform, lithi​um​.com instantly serves up a personalized web experience for visitors within key industries. Tailored messaging and imagery, focused offers, and targeted customer stories immediately present Lithium’s solutions in the most relevant way. This has substantially lowered bounce rates and deepened visitor exploration while increasing conversion rates.