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Ladies and gentlemen, the olive


We created this video series for Lindsay to fundamentally change the way people think about olives. Besides periodic cameos in high-class cocktails, olives have been stuck in the role of “extra” for too long. To shine the spotlight on these most-deserving little fruits, we created a platform that set the stage for countless stories around olive usage: Those mini food moments that make life fun and special. The bite-size moments.

  • Storytelling

  • Video graphics

  • Scriptwriting

  • Talent & music

  • Art direction

  • Recipe development

  • Videography

  • Food styling


“This year, we asked them to do more, and they were not only up to the challenge, they took us to levels we did not think possible in a short time frame.”

James Thomas, VP of Marketing, Lindsay


Olives, from soup to nuts

We concepted every aspect of the production from scratch: storyline, script, art direction, prop sourcing, talent, makeup, shooting, graphics, editing — we even built the sets from the ground up.

Fun takes center stage

If we were going to make people think differently about olives, we knew we had to showcase them in a way that people had never seen before while staying within the context of the brand. Fortunately, the Lindsay brand embraces fun as a core tenet, so that’s just what we went for. The result? Six highly engaging, timeless video assets for countless marketing use cases