Why We Focus on Food

By Eric Eisenberg

November 8, 2021

We’ve had a few folks ask: What prompted Active Ingredients to place such a strong focus on food as a practice area? It goes like this:

We’re experts at building strong brands > we know that brands can play a leading role in solving some of our planet’s most pressing problems > we have deep experience in food > food can help fix some of these pressing problems. 

But aside from planetary necessity, our devotion to food comes from a place of fascination, passion and reverence. In many ways, food connects us to the most joyful and meaningful depths of the human experience:

  • Food is a common language we can all understand. It can bring together strangers (think blind date, or first lunch in a college dining hall), and link us to our past through recipes shared between generations.

  • Making food for someone is an act of love. When you cook a meal to share, you’re nourishing far more than just your bodies. 

  • It’s a way to explore our secret curiosities, and for even the safest among us to be adventurous. You can arouse vast world experiences from a restaurant just blocks away.

  • Sustainable food is a clear pathway to healing the Earth by solving the climate crisis. One example: Regenerative organic farming has incredible power to capture and store carbon while building soil health, not to mention producing a huge variety of delicious, nourishing foods that can help people thrive at scale. 

  • Eating thoughtfully builds a healthier body. And mind. And spirit. And community. 

  • Food is creative, fun, and when it’s especially good, it can change our entire outlook.

Have a food brand that’s working to build a better world? We’d love to hear from you.