Boutique Marketing Agency for Food and Tech

Good people building great brands.

At Active Ingredients, we share a passion to help good brands become great, increasing our clients’ potential for positive impact through digital-forward marketing. 

We’re experts in our disciplines, but we’re also surfers, musicians, food bloggers, cyclists, environmentalists, bakers, runners, kale-eaters and dog people. And cat people.

We know that brands can, and must, play a role in transforming our lives and planet, and with our expertise and our passion, we can greatly amplify that role.

Our mission is to build a healthier world by helping food & technology brands create positive impact.

Our core values

Bring optimism and joy.

Learn, unlearn and be curious.

Be courageous enough to fail.

Act with empathy and give a damn.

Champion growth in life and work.

Our core values

Our Team

Brian West

Partner | Strategy

Mary Ames West

Partner | People and Operations

Eric Eisenberg

Partner | Brand and Content

Sara Behrendt

Creative Director

Pascale Gregory

Digital Project Manager

Eric Kemp

Senior Digital Designer

Nick Kessler-Irving

Front-End Developer

Richard Roberts

Practice Lead | Strategy and Search Marketing

Ilana Winter

Associate Creative Director, Copy

Mike Zens

Technical Director

Old Friends, New Energy. Meet the Partners.

Brian, Mary and Eric met in 1997 at a music festival near Yosemite National Park. Almost immediately they were planting roots and conspiring to create things together. They had been dedicated to protecting the environment since the early 90s, each having worked for conscious companies and nonprofits, and shared tales from collective years spent surfing, climbing, backpacking and living in awe of our natural world. 

Merging this collective passion with their career superpowers in digital strategy, brand storytelling and creative team leadership, they were compelled to use the power of the web to help benevolent brands reach more people and tell richer stories and make a bigger impact on the health of the planet than they ever had before. Welcome to the future of Active Ingredients.

Our HQ is based in beautiful Sausalito, California, with full time staff in the San Francisco Bay Area; Portland, OR; Los Angeles, CA; Brooklyn, NY; Missoula, MT; and Loveland, OH.


We don’t like to brag, but we’re proud of the work we’ve done with our clients.

  • Outstanding Website: Lindsay Olives

    Davey Awards

  • Copy or Writing: Lindsay Olives

    The Communicator Awards

  • Food & Beverages: Cline Cellars

    W3 Silver Winner

  • Best Computer Software Website: Lithium Technologies

    Web Award

  • Food & Beverages: Lindsay Olives

    W3 Silver Winner

  • Outstanding Website: Lindsay Olives

    Web Award

  • Consumer Goods: Comfort Zone

    The Communicator Awards

  • Food & Beverages: Lindsay Olives

    The Communicator Awards

  • Computer / IT Software: Lithium Technologies

    The Communicator Awards